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It’s true when they say every dream becomes a reality with perseverance and patience. She was born in Ecuador, but raised in the United States since the age of nine. Since she was very young all she desire on doing was to find a way to succeed, but it was just a dream at that moment till now.

At the age of 18 years old she started helping out her father Jewelry Company ” Loja Jewelry Corp” that is located in Rockefeller Center. All they deal with was with jewelry, diamonds, gemstones, scrap gold. Little by little she began to grow passion towards Jewelry, the excitement she felt when clients touch the products as engagement ring, necklaces, bracelets and with a smile in their face, seeing every client satisfied, it complemented it as to keep getting knowledge about the Jewelry Business.

 At the age of nineteen her vision, passion, eye towards jewelry started making her create her own jewels. She started by making small bracelets out of scrap and she converted them in a fancy dazzling bracelet. Edith was inspired from her parents hard work that made her want to strive for success. As of now you can see all her designs that are glamorous, perfectly design. She will not only be making Fancy Stylish Jewelry for Ladies, but she will be designing for children and for men as well. As she says every Jewelry has your story to tell, so everyone find your perfect fit and your story. 

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